Don’t wait to meet your new home.

Wouldn’t you like to live in oasis that is this close to city?

After your visit from Başiskele or İzmit with a short distance of drive, as you park in front of your house and step out of the car, the scenery of forest and gulf, woodnote and fresh air would make you forget the chaos in the city, noise and crowd and make you wish to stay home forever.

The location of Metay Villas has been chosen carefully to be close to city as to benefit what it offers but at the same time to be far to keep away its disadvantages.

Architectural Design that is Human and Nature friendly

Thirteen private villas are placed on a land inclined to east such that there are 2.5 meters level difference with the next house and 10 meters with the house across the inside road of the residential complex which makes two rows of villas. The floor plans are made so that each room would benefit sun light and scenery but would block appearance from other villas and establish privacy. Thereby each neighbor would enjoy their home without disrupting others.

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Trip and Recreation

Shore of Başiskele, 3.5km

Park FSM, 3.7km

Kirazdere, 5.3km

Sapanca, 41.6km

Trip and Recreation

Centers of Culture

Social Life, Youth and Sports Center at Bahçecik, 2.5km

Cultural Center at Bahçecik, 2.7km

Expo at Kocaeli, 12.8km

Centers of Culture

Distinguished Education Institutions

Yediiklim Private School, 0.7km

Child Town Pre-School, 1.6km

Child University at Başiskele, 1.8km

American Culture Private School at Kocaeli, 2.5km

Silicon Valley of University at Kocaeli, 3.4km

Ted Private School, 4.8km

Distinguished Education Institutions

Feel safe

Başiskele Police Department, 1.6km

Family Health Center at Başiskele, 1.9km

Feel safe

Close to City

Başiskele, 5km

Gölcük, 10km

Izmit, 12km

Sabiha Gökçen Airport, 78km

Istanbul City Center, 90km

Close to City

Bahçecik Villaları

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